Print Lab Resources

Memphis College of Art has a print lab equipped with a number of professional-quality output devices. Devices are grouped into two levels of acccess: those that all students can use, and those for which prints must be requested through multiple paths.

First, the following devices are available for all students to use:

  • 2 Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printers
  • 4 Epson Stylus Pro 4880 printers

These printers are accessible to all students, 24/7, at no cost. Students are required to supply their own paper; we recommend Epson-brand paper for the highest quality prints, and easiest setup of print jobs. These printers may never be used with plain paper, handmade paper, canvas, or fabrics; these types of paper will damage the printers, and are therefore forbidden.

If you are unfamiliar with using these printers, a print lab workstudy is available during certain times of the week to assist with printing. The schedule for the print lab workstudy will be made available outside the print lab door.

In addition to the previous printers, students can request large-format prints up to 44-inches wide from the IT Department Helpdesk. Prints are completed on an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 large-format printer, and are charged at a cost of $12.83 per linear foot printed at 44 inches wide. For additional details regarding large-format prints, you can read this article.


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Large Format Prints

The MCA IT Department operates an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 large-format printer, capable of performing prints up to 44-inches wide. Students and faculty may order prints from this printer, offered at-cost, at a charge of $12.88 per linear foot printed (at 44-inches wide).

Prints are completed on your choice of the following paper types (samples available by request):

  • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Epson Archival Matte Paper
  • Epson Sommerset Velvet

Print jobs must be submitted in .TIFF, .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP format. Jobs must be no larger than 42″x64″ in printed size. It is advantageous to combine prints to utilize the maximum width of the paper — for instance, two 20″ wide prints can be combined on a single print to save money on prints.

Students and faculty who desire to request prints from this printer will need to contact to approve their print job. Jobs are paid for via the OneCard system, and you will need to deposit enough funds into the OneCard system to cover the cost of your print prior to printing. Print jobs may take up to 7 days to be completed, depending on the current print volume and size of your print.

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Requesting Technical Assistance

At this time, all requests for assistance with campus technology must be sent via email to from your email account.

If you are unable to access your email account, please seek a member of the IT Department at their offices. Ian Sterling can be found in Gibson Hall, and Jeff Davidson’s office is located on the second floor of Rust Hall, behind Mac Lab 1.

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MCA User Application Installs

About Self Service:

The Macintosh desktop/laptop software install self-service feature offers users the ability to install software applications (apps), update existing software, and setup /configure apps on their own device without delay or disruption.

An example of a device setup/configure is pictured below:






The MCA Information Services Department uses the new feature for additional protection and management of Mac OS X computers. This new feature also allows users to obtain and install key apps software provided needed to perform their jobs.

How To Use Self Service:

Step 1

The Self Service application is located in the Applications folder on your Mac, as shown below. This folder is located in the very bottom (right hand side) of the screen or it can be selected from the Go dropdown menu at the top of your computer under “Applications”








Step 2

Once you launch the Self Service application, you can choose to install any of the available software titles. Simply click the “Install” button next to the software title and the application will begin to install.  Self-Service has been designed to be accessible both on- and off-campus) using your Local Internet Service.









Note: Certain Self Service items may have a pop-up message that will explain in more detail what you are about to install. And some installations will require you to restart your computer upon installation completion.

Example – Maintenance Repair Computer Warning







If you have any question or don’t see a needed app, or the install didn’t work properly. Please Contact IT Helpdesk via


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Changing your Password From Finder

To login to an academic server and change your password, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on your desktop or the Finder icon on the dock to ensure the Finder application is active.
  2. From the menu at the top of the screen, choose Go then Connect to Server…

  3. Enter in the address of either afp:// or afp://


  4. Ensure that your username is correct (firstname.lastname — like the part before the @ symbol in your email address) and then press the Change Password button


  5. In the Change the password dialog box that comes up, enter in mca as the Old Password and then type in your desired new password. This will be your primary password for most campus IT Resources. Press Change Password and you’ll be taken back to the primary login screen.


  6. You may now either select which share to connect to on the server, or you can press cancel if you just wanted to change your password


Please let us know at should you have any problems.

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How Do I Use my Personal Lab Account?

Your personal labs account can be used to log in to your own personal desktop while working in the labs. Every Mac Lab computer has the option to be used under either a generic Student account, or under your personal account. First, when you approach the computer, you will see two options: one for “Student,” one for “Other.”

If you select Other, you will have the opportunity to type in your username and password. As a reminder, your username always matches the format firstname.lastname. This can be done as shown below:

Once you have typed your username and password, press the Return key to be signed in. If you have not done so previously, it is strongly recommended that you change your password immediately. If you need assistance changing your password, please read this article.


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Personal Lab Accounts

Each currently-enrolled student of Memphis College of Art is automatically issued a personal lab account. This account is linked to several services, and you may be required to use this account for your courses. Your personal lab account is connected to the following services:

  • Dali Server access – the primary undergraduate file server, used for class folders
  • Grad Server access — the graduate file server, used for graduate class folders that are taught at Nesin Hall
  • PaperCut – the service that tracks all printing & allows you to allocate funds to color printing

Because of the many services it offers, it is critical that you sign in at the beginning of the semester and update your password. By default, every student’s username always follows the pattern firstname.lastname, using your legally given first and last name. The default password for all accounts is mca

You can follow the instructions to reset your password by following these instructions to reset your password either at home via a personally owned Mac, or on campus using a lab computer.

If you experience any issues accessing your account, please email from your email.

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Printing In the Labs

As of the Fall 2015 semester, all print jobs to any laser printer on campus require that you authenticate using your student labs account. You will need to use the Papercut Client to sign in to your lab account to authorize any print jobs.

Each computer is configured to run the PaperCut pop-up client at all times. If you attempt to print anything while signed in under Student, you will see the PaperCut client pop-up and request your labs username & password. This is your user account for Dali. If you do not know your labs username & password, please check this webpage for more information.

On the sign-in page, you are provided the option to “Remember” your account for a selected duration. By default, this will select “For next 5 minutes,” however, if you are going to be printing multiple things, it is beneficial to set this to a higher value. Once you are successfully signed in, you will see the window at the upper-right corner of the screen change to reflect your login and current balance (if any):

To ensure no one else uses your funds, you should be sure to sign out of the computer when you are done using it by selecting the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of the screen, and then clicking “Log off…”

If you encounter any issues, please report them as soon as possible to

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How to Fix a “Supply Memory Error”

If you are in the labs and attempting to print to one of the HP LaserJet 5200 printers, you may occasionally see an error message indicating “10.10.10 Supply Memory error,” as shown below:

This error is not indicative of an actual issue with the printer, and can be resolved by taking the following steps. Press the green checkmark button on the printer once or twice, until the message on the screen changes and shows “Ready”

If this does not resolve your error, please turn the printer off using the power switch on the side of the printer and attempt these steps again when powering the device back on. Email if this does not fix the issue and allow you to print.

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Contacting I.T. for support

If you’re having a problem with technology on campus, the best way to receive support is to email the I.T. department at (*Be aware — you may only email this address from your email account.) Please be as detailed as possible, so we can get a good idea of your specific issue.

If you have lost access to your email account (forgotten password, etc.), you can request a password reset by completing the helpdesk request located in theImportant Links section at the top right of the website (shown below) —

Alternatively, you may use the facilities maintenance request located at

If submitting a request for mca email password reset, please be sure to include a personal email account you can be reached at so we can notify you when your access has been restored.

You may also contact a member of the I.T. department in person, but please be aware, we will still probably request that you submit a formal ticket in one of the ways listed above.

Thank you.

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