Use Installed TV’s as a secondary computer monitor

You can use the TV mounted on the wall in the Executive Conference Room in Rust Hall and the Conference Room in Gibson Hall as secondary monitors for your computer.

You’ll need to gather a few items first. (In Rust Hall, Anne will have these….in Gibson Hall, they’re located in one of the center drawers in the credenza in the Conference Room).

You’ll need the “mini-display port to vga adapter” (or use the adapter from your comptuer that provides a “female” vga connection.

You’ll need the VGA/Sound cable.

Plug the VGA cable into the mini-Display adapter.

Plug the mini-Display adapter into your computer, (it should only fit in one spot). There is a small “headphone” cable attached to the black video cable. If you’re using audio and want the sound to come out of the TV, plug this into the headphone jack on the side of your computer also.

Now, plug the other end of the VGA/Audio cable into the empty wall plate under the left hand side of the TV.

With everything plugged into the VGA wall plate, it will look like this –
With everything hooked up, turn on the TV and if the image doesn’t come up within a couple of seconds, press the Source button on the TV until RGB-PC is shown on the TV screen. (You may need to press the “Detect Displays” button in the Displays System Preference Pane and you may also see your computer screen blink/flicker while it’s recognizing the TV.)