MCA User Application Installs

About Self Service:

The Macintosh desktop/laptop software install self-service feature offers users the ability to install software applications (apps), update existing software, and setup /configure apps on their own device without delay or disruption.

An example of a device setup/configure is pictured below:






The MCA Information Services Department uses the new feature for additional protection and management of Mac OS X computers. This new feature also allows users to obtain and install key apps software provided needed to perform their jobs.

How To Use Self Service:

Step 1

The Self Service application is located in the Applications folder on your Mac, as shown below. This folder is located in the very bottom (right hand side) of the screen or it can be selected from the Go dropdown menu at the top of your computer under “Applications”








Step 2

Once you launch the Self Service application, you can choose to install any of the available software titles. Simply click the “Install” button next to the software title and the application will begin to install.  Self-Service has been designed to be accessible both on- and off-campus) using your Local Internet Service.









Note: Certain Self Service items may have a pop-up message that will explain in more detail what you are about to install. And some installations will require you to restart your computer upon installation completion.

Example – Maintenance Repair Computer Warning







If you have any question or don’t see a needed app, or the install didn’t work properly. Please Contact IT Helpdesk via


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