Personal Lab Accounts

Each currently-enrolled student of Memphis College of Art is automatically issued a personal lab account. This account is linked to several services, and you may be required to use this account for your courses. Your personal lab account is connected to the following services:

  • Dali Server access – the primary undergraduate file server, used for class folders
  • Grad Server access — the graduate file server, used for graduate class folders that are taught at Nesin Hall
  • PaperCut – the service that tracks all printing & allows you to allocate funds to color printing

Because of the many services it offers, it is critical that you sign in at the beginning of the semester and update your password. By default, every student’s username always follows the pattern firstname.lastname, using your legally given first and last name. The default password for all accounts is mca

You can follow the instructions to reset your password by following these instructions to reset your password either at home via a personally owned Mac, or on campus using a lab computer.

If you experience any issues accessing your account, please email from your email.

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