Changing the Fiery Paper Type

To produce the best quality prints possible, it is essential that you choose the correct paper type to match the paper you are using in the Fiery. The paper that we provide is classified as “Thick 1,” and all lab computers should have this set as their default.

To check the paper type when you print, please select “Show Details” from the print dialogue box if you do not get a screen as shown below:

On this screen, you will want to click the menu labeled as “Layout” and select “Fiery Features,” as shown below:

On that screen, you will want to check Paper Type and ensure that it is set to “Thick 1.” If you are printing to your own card-stock, or any other type of paper, please change the paper type to the most appropriate setting possible, based on the paper weight.

The following table will illustrate what weights of paper correlate to each label. Typically, this information can be found on the packaging of the paper you purchase, as shown below.

Driver Name Weight
Thin Paper 52-59g/m2
Plain Paper 60-90g/m2
Thick 1 91-120g/m2
Thick 1+ 121-157g/m2
Thick 2 158-209g/m2
Thick 3 201-258g/m2
Thick 4 259-300g/m2

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