Resuming Paused Printers

During your time in the labs, you may periodically experience a printer that has become paused and will not print.

Printers will become paused if you attempt to send a print job while the printer is out of paper or toner, if the printer has a paper jam, or if a student logs out of the computer while they are sending a job to the printer.

If you need to resume a printer, please follow these steps to diagnose and fix the problem:

First, make sure that any issues with the printer itself have been resolved. Check to see that there is paper in the appropriate tray, and that there are no warning messages on the display.

Second, when you are attempting to print, make sure that you do not see an exclamation point beside the printer you are attempting to print to, as illustrated below.

If you see this warning, it is likely that your print job will fail to go through. More than likely, this is because the printer is either off or paused. At that point, you will want to open System Preferences (accessible from the Apple Menu in the upper-left corner of the screen) and navigate to the Print & Scan page. If the printer is paused, you will see that message in that window, as shown below.

Should you double click on the printer in question, you will be presented with a screen that has a large green button to resume the printer. You will want to press that button.

At this point, if the computer asks you for a password, you will want to use student for both the username and password, as shown below.

This process will work while you are logged in to your personal labs log-in, and will work on any printer in any lab.

If you experience difficulties with this process, please email Be sure to include the name of the computer you are using, as well as the printer you were attempting to print to.

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