Make sure that Group emails are received and shown in the inbox

Sometimes messages sent to a Google Group (course groups, student groups, faculty groups, etc.) don’t necessarily show in your Inbox when received. However, there is a very simple step which can be taken to ensure you don’t miss these messages.

From the MCA Google Apps mail (in a browser) click on the “Settings Gear” on the top right of your browser window while logged in to your mail account. Then press the “Settings” option on the drop-down menu that shows up.

Once you’re in the “Settings” section of your mail, choose the Inbox tab across the top, and make sure that “Override filters – Include important messages in the inbox that may have been filtered out.” is selected, then save any changes by hitting the Save Changes button.

Group messages can always be accessed for groups of which you are a member by selecting the Groups option from the Google Services toolbar which displays at the top of any Google Apps page you’re logged into (mail, drive, calendar, etc.).

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