Making sure voicemail isn’t marked as “Junk” in Apple Mail

The easiest way to ensure that your voicemail is getting delivered to your Inbox is to create a rule (or what Gmail calls a “Filter”). This is most easily done using the Gmail interface in a web browser. To begin, login to your MCA Gmail by going to and entering in your username/password and then logging in.

Once you’ve logged in, go to the Mail application and once there, navigate to your “Spam” folder and find an email message that you’d like to ensure doesn’t get classified as Spam. In this instance, I’m going to select the checkbox for a voicemail which comes from and make sure that I click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the Spam window. Then, I’ll head back to the Inbox and open the voicemail message.

Once the message is open, I can use the Filter Messages Like These utility which is located in the Message Action options toolbar (see image below).

On the options window that pops up, press the Create Filter with this search button at the bottom right.

Another options window comes up after you’ve created the filter, on this one, ensure that Never mark as spam is selected and then press Create Filter. (You may also want to press the check box in front of “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” if you use the web interface to access your email.)

You will see a brief message at the top of the browser window letting you know that your filter was created successfully.

You have now created a rule that will keep the selected message type from EVER going to your spam folder again.


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