Using the Toshiba Copiers

The Toshiba copiers have now been reconfigured to use a username & password rather than department codes.

The copiers are available free-of-charge to all faculty members currently teaching a course at MCA, and all staff members. Copier usage is monitored, and excessive use will be evaluated as necessary.

The first step is to log in to your account on the printer, as shown below. For faculty, this is your personal labs account on Dali. For staff, this is your account that you use to connect to the admin server at

This is a touchscreen panel. To enter your username, tap on the Username button, then begin to type your username.

Your username will always be fLastName (where f=first initial and LastName=Last Name). When you have typed your username, press Ok in the bottom right corner. Next, press the Password button and type your password.

Once your username and password have been inputted, you can press Ok to log in. After your login is successful, please press the Copy button beside the touchscreen. At this point, copier usage will be identical as before.

If you have finished all copy operations, be sure to press the Access button along the right side of the panel and press Ok to log out, so that no other person can use your PaperCut balance.

If you experience any issues logging in and using this system, please contact the IT Department at

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