Wacom Tablet and Stylus Issues?

If you’re experiencing issues with the Wacom Tablets (located in Labs 3 & 4), there are a few things you can do resolve these problems.

First, check to make sure nothing is sitting on the tablet. A stylus left on the tablet or the tablet mouse sitting on the tablet surface can make the system mouse unresponsive or can make the mouse pointer on screen move sporadically. If the pressure sensitivity of the tablet has been set too sensitive, the back of your hand can be enough to cause issues. This can be resolved by checking and adjusting the tablet preferences.

To make sure your preferences are set properly, open the Wacom Tablet System Preference Pane by going to the Apple Menu and selecting System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Then open the Wacom Tablet pane (bottom row at the right).

Once you have the preference pane open, select the Tool you’re having issues with (the buttons on the tablet, the stylus, or the mouse) and then adjust the settings using the sliders and menus located in the three tabs at the middle of the Preference Pane.

As a last resort, you can totally reset the settings by pressing the Default button.

Should you not have a preference pane when logged in as yourself, or if the options don’t let you change the settings, please put in a tech request so the IT department can reinstall the software drivers.


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