Preferences Warning when Opening ToonBoom Animate

If you receive a warning when attempting to open ToonBoom Animate Pro stating that your Preferences are corrupt, you can try the following steps to resolve the problem.


Log in to the computer as yourself, then go to the Finder menu and choose Finder>Go>Go to Folder

Inline image 1

Then in the window that pops up, type ~/Library/Application Support/ and press Go


Inline image 2


Delete the ToonBoomSessionTempDir folder from inside of the ~/Library/Application Support/ directory.

Then go back to the Finder>Go>Go to Folder… menu and put ~/Library/Preferences into the window and press  Go

Inline image 3


From inside of the ~/Library/Preferences folder, delete the ToonBoom Animation folder

Inline image 4



Once you’ve deleted both of these folders, empty the trash, log out, log back in and see if ToonBoom opens correctly. If it doesn’t, please fill out a Tech Request and we’ll see what else is going on.

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