Connecting to the Labs Academic Server

MCA has one primary academic server ( or more commonly referred to as dali) which can be used to store your documents, files and other information. These are instructions how to connect to this server from the lab computers. To connect to the server, go to Go>Connect to Server from the Finder application:

In the window that opens up, you will then type in the name of the server (as shown below) into the Server Address field. This name is the same whether you are on-campus or off-campus:

  • afp:// 


•Note: if you hit the + symbol before hitting the Connect button, you can add the server name to the favorites list, so from then on, you can just click on the server name in the Favorite Servers: field instead of typing the name.

After entering the name in and pressing the Connect button, you’ll see a Connecting to Server progress indicator box come up:

and then a username/password dialog box will appear. Enter in your username and password into the fields and then press the Connect button. As a reminder, your password stays the same from semester to semester, and for first time users, the default student password is mca


At this point, you will see a Shared Volume Selection dialog box. If you wish to connect to the classes folder/share, just select Classes from the list, and hit OK. The other share you will use primarily is NetworkHomes — this is where your personal lab login home folder is located, and is the home folder you use when you’re logged into one of the computers in the labs.

Should you connect to Classes, a Finder window should come up containing all of the individual class folders. You will notice that most of the folders have a little red circle with a white dash running through it (the European styled “stop” symbol). These are folders to which you have no access. Your course folders are listed by course number and you should just see the regular folder there, which you can double click to enter. The images below show inaccessible (left) and accessible folders (right).



Once you’re in your class folder you should have the ability to put files just like you would on any other drive.

Should you forget your password (or if you don’t have access to a course folder for a class you are enrolled in), click here to send a request to reset it or add you to the course group.

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