Printing Booklets from InDesign CS5

*****NEW INSTRUCTIONS – current as of 12/1/2012********

To print a booklet from InDesign CS5 you will actually need to create a postscript file using the Fiery as your device target, then open the created postscript (.ps) file in Preview and print it.

Create your document as normal, then from InDesign’s print commands, choose Print Booklet, then print as a .ps file with the Fiery selected as your target printer profile (and save the created file to a location such as your desktop or documents folder).

We’re done with InDesign at this point. Locate the file you created in the step above and double-click (or right-click) to open it with Preview.

Once the converting postscript file dialog completes and the file is open, Select File from the menu at the top, then Print. Select the Fiery as your printer, then make sure the entire printer window is open and select the drop down menu for Printer Features. Select Layout 1, then in the Duplex settings, choose Top Binding and from Booklet Type, choose None.

Your printer features window should look like this.

Hit Print and the printer will output your completed booklet.

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